About Tama Radio

Listen to Tama Radio to meditate, wind down or as background music for work and a quiet evening at home. 

Tama Radio is about healing. Our music and spoken word content will put you in a good place, one in which peace and contentment replace anxiety and fear.

The world is moving too fast and we can easily get swept up in the chaos. There is a need to escape. To pause. And rejuvenate. It's our hope that this live stream can be a small island of peace in your busy life.

Tama Radio is part of a network of digital radio stations dedicated to personal wellness through the power of music and encouraging words.

We'd love your feedback and input. Email us at:

TAMA RADIO is "Radio that Heals". TAMA RADIO was created and is owned and operated by Galbraith Communications.
Address: Suite 200-440 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7X6.
Email: support@galbraithcommunications.com |  Toll-Free: 1-877-899-3427 
Local: (613) 564-7795